• Under Review: Exposé Series

      If you are into digital art you have most likely seen some books of this series. The subtitle is “Finest digital art in the known universe” and this yearly collection of artwork truly shows the variety, richness, diversity and beauty of digital art. The focus is on digital art only and they have just released their 10th edition.

      Exposé 10

      By Ballistic Publishing


      List price: $69 Softcover / $79 Hardcover / $170 Limited

      The price tag seems hefty but this series of beautiful books is the eye catcher in my art book collection.

      What do you get?

      In this 10th release you get ~280 pages of artwork, distributed into the following sections:

      Portrait / Architecture / Fantasy / Fantasy Femmes / Concept Art / Matte Painting / Environment / Warriors & Conflict / Science Fiction / Robotic & Cyborg / Comic & Manga / Abstract & Design / Surreal / Storytelling / Whimsical / Transport / Steampunk

      It is a pleasure to look through the individual books of this series. You can see up to 4 pics on each page, a lot of pics are presented on a full page and you can even find some single pics taking up to two pages for display.

      The print and paper quality is most excellent. The hardcover has an excellent feel and is quite heavy. The price difference between Hardcover and Softcover is not very high especially if the book is on sale (for example at Amazon), so I favor the hardcover over the softcover. The book is sent in a protective paperback taking care that nothing will harm the book while it is on the way to you. I have never seen such a good protective measure for any other book I have ordered so far.

      Do I like each of the sections or each presented artwork? No, but that’s normal if you look through such a big collection. But even then you can see that the selection of the included artwork is really top notch. You can get an own impression at the Ballistic website where you can take a look at each page of all the books. So before spending the money take a closer look.

      From my point of view this is the best digital art collection currently being available. So far I have bought only 4 books of this series but I plan to collect more of them.

      This book is intended for:
      All art lovers of course, if you want to get inspired or if you like to set yourself a goal to become as good as some of the artists presented in the book.

      This book is not intended for:
      Viewers who do not like variety and diversity in art or prefer to see step-by-step instructions.
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      1. Damsel's Avatar
        Damsel -
        Great review Fredy and they look wonderful!!

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