• Architects of Transformation: Alfaseed - DNA's TOP ARTIST 2012

      In 2012, AlfaseeD began a journey into creativity that was explosive! Tapping into their reservoir of genius, they produced 3D product in the truest sense of the word.

      Their level of skill and mastery in their profession is unrivaled, and we count ourselves fortunate to stand side by side with these industry giants.

      One of the most successful elements in their creative process is the delicate balance between dark and light: utter symmetry in yin and yang. Strength combined with femininity is a hallmark of their work. They utilize and feature every part of the creative process: modeling, texturing, shader work, presentation, and they themselves are best able to capture the essence of who they are in their mind blowing artwork.

      Their focus on the gaming aspect of product creation blows the field wide open. Characters full of life and vehemence waving their futuristic, robotic, replaceable body parts, enhanced by powerful textures, movement and color bringing them to life in such a vivid way.

      They are wonderful to work with. This dynamic duo are a warm, gracious, fun loving and talented pair who continually raise the ceiling of their own combined talents.

      Year after year, through their many artistic incarnations, this symbiotic evolution of the two known as AlfaseeD push and exceed the boundaries of the creative process we have all ventured into.

      We are proud to know them. If you thought 2012 was their year, the most delicious part of that thought is what they plan on bringing to the table in 2013! I mean, how is that possible, how could you top it? That is AlfaseeD in a nutshell, it can only be great!

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      1. Admin-Traveler's Avatar
        Admin-Traveler -
        What does one say when they are in total awe? Early in the days of Poser... they were Awesome.... now.... Words fail me. No one matches their level of artistic and technical vision. In the olden days the phrase "The Genuine Article" was used when something was of the highest standards. AlfaseeD is that Genuine Article as far as our business goes. I am proud to call them friends and am personally humbled every time they release a package with us. A & E... can't wait to see what you are cooking up for us this year. I am all strapped in and ready for my mind to be blown! All my Love and Admiration.
      1. lowreg's Avatar
        lowreg -
        Congratulations! Totally deserved award! Very awesome to have them as part of the Daz/Poser community and hopefully in 2013 we will see them in PRISON!! Again congratulations to a most deserving pair with an incredible imagination, artistic abilities, vision and workflow! Thank you for all the years of great art and inspiration! Told you RDNA was your house!!!
      1. Admin-Syyd's Avatar
        Admin-Syyd -
        lowreg what an awesome comment......Thank you.

        Eric's comment also brought back memories of the very first "As Shanim" free product. Right out of the gate it was like......mind blowing.

        Alfa and Seed you are just shining stars in so many ways, and getting to know you as the people that you are, was one of the best experiences I've had. Your support of our site "The little engine that could", defines the reality of DNA for us.

        Our team, the entire DNA crew of moderators, admin, creators, friends and members, are unique, so thanks for putting the "U" in that for us, and letting us slap on an exclamation point at the end of that.


      1. ladonna's Avatar
        ladonna -
        I could not say it better than Traveler and Syyd.
        Congrats to you two
      1. gloomy007's Avatar
        gloomy007 -
        Now, this is true. There is so many wonderful vendors in the marketplaces, but you can always reconise AS work. Also from the client point of view, no matter what you buy it is always more than you expected. Not only beuatifly crafted, with great detail, but also the items have so many possibilities.
        And to this they are so nice I do "bother" them sometimes on DeviantArt, and never was ignored. Thank you for that AlfSeed
        And wish you great and prosperous 2013
      1. lildi's Avatar
        lildi -
        I'm a 'me too' here + that I would love to see some AS product for the Genesis figure. Perhaps during this upcoming year!
      1. jonnyray's Avatar
        jonnyray -
        To me, the genius of AlfaSeed has always been that you can combine pieces from 3 different outfits and come up with a unique look that still has a certain harmony to it. Even though I do very little 3D work anymore, every new release from AS ends up in my cart for that "someday" when I'm going to get back to the hobby.

        Very much a well deserved honor for two of the best content artists in any marketplace.
      1. tavia3d's Avatar
        tavia3d -
        No one deserves this honor more than AS and Siliphiel! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
        It has been a pleasure to work with them and enjoy their art as they set the standard higher with every project and every year!
      1. jan19's Avatar
        jan19 -
        I've really just "discovered" AS. Everyone knows who they are, of course, but for some reason, one of their outfits caught my eye over the holidays -- during the sale -- and I got it. Now, I'm hooked. You guys really do set high standards. Your modeling, morphs, texturing, and almost uncanny ability to anticipate user needs when using your stuff is just...amazing. If I wore a hat, I'd take it off to you two, but all I can do is like you on Facebook and buy your outfits. :-) So keep that fantastic merchandise coming, and I'll keep saving my dollars! BTW, I really like the Desir hair.

        P.S. And I completely forgot to congratulate you for being recognized for your talent and hard work. So, congratulations!!!
      1. AlfaseeD's Avatar
        AlfaseeD -
        First of all this was utterly unexpected so, thanks very much for the honor!
        We're happy and proud to be at RuntimeDNA, and to be considered so representative. There's no other place in the Poserdome where you can find people so dedicated, that's true for the admins, the whole team and the vendors.

        What we like is that DNA isn't a place for just hugs and kisses, most importantly it's a place where you can seek advice, suggestions and confrontation.
        This is very important for an artist, to feel appreciated and supported, to feel listened and to know they can ask fellow creators for advice.
        Syyd, Eric and Colm have created a place where artist feel welcome and where they can easily learn from their peers, ask fellow vendors when they have a doubt how to do something and so on.
        There's a lot of talent at DNA and we're happy to be part of this wild bunch.

        As for the new year, we have, as always, tens of projects, old and new. We'll be bringing back some "classics", that represent our history as content creators, pieces that Colm, Syyd and Eric certainly remember very well.
        Alice/Yly will also come later this month with many interesting features and we'll try to bring back beloved freebies as well.
        If we manage to achieve a "normal" life, maybe we'll also branch our and create a complete videogame!

        Luckily the DNA guys manage to keep up with us (sometimes it's no easy task) and they're as supportive as one can imagine, thanks, thanks a lot from the both of us!!!

        p.s.: and of course thanks to all the customers/supporters that share our visions, enjoy our creation and feed our creativity !
      1. bebopdlx's Avatar
        bebopdlx -
        Your works are amazing, thanks and congrats.
      1. bendinggrass's Avatar
        bendinggrass -
        You folks are amazing in your skill, ability, and creativity.
        You always inspire me, and I can only say thank you, and may you have many more decades of fulfillment in all you do.
      1. jan19's Avatar
        jan19 -
        I'm looking forward to your 2013 products. Also, I'd love to know what inspires you two, other than each other. :-) Your creations are so imaginative -- and the colors of your textures are breathtaking.
      1. lisa's Avatar
        lisa -
        this is OK! good works!
      1. cyanthree's Avatar
        cyanthree -
        Since getting into making pictures in Poser i`ve brought a lot of stuff for my runtimes, AlfaseeD`s items all are right up on the top of my favorite items, each one has huge detail and love put into it, and are always easy to work with and adapt to what is required.

        I eagerly await every new release from them and whenever i`ve commented or messaged them about anything i`ve always had a reply.

        They without doubt deserve the award and i`m looking forward to seeing all the magic they create in 2013.
      1. desertgoddessdesigns's Avatar
        desertgoddessdesigns -
        Well deserved and the most inspiring products out there!
        Congratulations to the both of you!

      1. nightsong's Avatar
        nightsong -
        How wrapped up in class do I need to be, to miss an article of this awesomeness??! Kudos, on a VERY well deserved award!!! Your skill with modeling, with texturing, and everything that goes into creating 3D content is nothing short of an inspiration. Whenever I want to make something, I ask myself: What would AlfaseeD do? You truly set the bar high and, with every new thing you create, it only reaches greater heights. May you always fly in in warm and sunny skies, with the wind at your back and the fires of creativity ever taking you to new and wonderful horizons.

        Thank you so much for sharing the fruits of your artistry with us!!!
      1. danhrub's Avatar
        danhrub -
        You guys are truely twisted! But that must be what it takes to create the amazing products that you do. Not only is each piece a masterpiece but all of your creations can interchange parts. Every time I purchase your products I feel like I just got a new lego block set. The added and on-going value is incredible. I don't think the two of you realize the impact you have on everyone you touch through your work.

        Congratulations, best of luck in the future and thank you for your generosity.
      1. Damsel's Avatar
        Damsel -
        How can I top what everyone else has said so well? I can't of course, and can only add my sincerest thank you's for your outstanding work and products. They transport us into a magical world of color, texture and long limbs glowing with unexpected strength and the ancient old pull between sexes. You are topmost in my list of artists who inspire me to work harder, take unexpected paths of creation and always strive to travel down roads of new adventure. Thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful world and products with us. Onward into the awesome worlds of AlphaseeD in 2013!
      1. psychoticsidney's Avatar
        psychoticsidney -
        I honestly cannot think of folks more deserving of accolades within the digital scene. I have been working with your creations almost as long as I have been working with Poser now. Let's skip how long it has been... *cough* Congrats to you for getting this award, I look forward to what the future holds in the way of AlfaseeD Products.

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