• DNA's Top Digital Artist of 2012 - Mary Williams AKA Nightsong

      In 2012, DNA forged an artistic partnership with Mary Williams, "Nightsong". We wanted to begin offering vendors the opportunity to work with talented artists from our site and gallery, who could offer artistic vision of great magnitude to products that are so deserving of such artistry.

      Mary began working with our team of creators. She was able to successfully communicate her vision in a variety of artwork used not only to promote product on store pages, but across the site as well: front page, banners, etc.

      When we began planning our 2012 sale, we had one idea in mind "End of Days". Since the apocalypse was supposedly at our back door, our creative bent was on artwork that depicted this theme. Mary provided spectacular work that captured the essence of an apocalyptic end of days with use of huge winged creatures, and a sense of barren desolation that would follow such a holocaust. One of the ideas we had was to create from Steven King's "Last Stand", the walkin dude.

      The day finally arrived to view the drafts. I know Mary's work is always good, so I wasn't worried, more excited than anything. When we clicked on the links provided and saw what she created, we were in a phrase "over the moon". Our theme, our idea had finally come to life artistically.

      Its not only important to have a sale to allow customers a chance to get incredible savings, its important to represent that sale by allowing the world a glimpse of how the product works in a piece of art.

      So as the DNA Sale Newsletters began rolling out, Nightsong captured the spirit of that sale, and her work was a monument to a years hard work, a little tongue in cheek verbal advertisement, and she took store product and made it shine.

      With only two weeks to go, we started discussions on our Holiday theme, "A Silent Night". Mary embraced the creative direction we gave her in a number of ways, by our directive which was the poignancy of a cold winter night, the struggle to survive, combined with the icy blues of winter. Her idea of a woman holding an injured animal under a bridge was incredible. She also offered us the warmth and spirit of Christmas, mother and child reading by a fire. Then she gave free reign to the artist within in, and presented the mermaid image. It is beautiful.

      Mary's sense of artistry encompasses so much emotion and idea. She is a stickler for detail, and her skills in Poser allow her to add all the bells and whistles that really of how far we've come as artists and creators for the Poser software.

      We hope you enjoyed seeing all her images, we worked very hard this year to want to inspire everyone to dig a little harder, learn a little more, and create fantastic images.

      A Happy New Year to you all, wishing you great art, and a year full of creativity from all of us at Runtime DNA!

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      1. Admin-Traveler's Avatar
        Admin-Traveler -
        Mary, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your talent and vision never ceases to astound me. I was amazed at some of your first works in our gallery right through to the last ones. You have a way with Poser and 3D that is unmatched. To this day I can't understand how you can pull the emotions and caring that you do from 3D figures. Here is to a fantastic 2012 and a spectacular 2013 filled with the artistic works of Nightsong! Bravo my friend, Bravo!
      1. tate's Avatar
        tate -
        Mary is one of the coolest people to work with. When I was working with her on Michelle I would always get excited to receive an email from her with some new renders she did. Her work in Poser in nothing short of brilliant. I am truly a fan of her work. Beyond that she is such an easy person to get along with. I hope in the future to work with her again. I find a collaboration with Mary to be fun, exciting, and satisfying! Props to you Nightsong! You are a unique talent and, I find your work inspiring! Keep on doing what you do! I have to echo what Traveler just said. Bravo!
      1. Admin-Syyd's Avatar
        Admin-Syyd -
        Mary is soulful, and expressive in her work, from the apocalypse to the Angeloi, its amazing what she packs into her work, and does so successfully. It is really a thrill, I mean, I get a kick out of having her as our DNA Promo Artist. I am able to communicate so easily what my vision is for advertising, and she comes back with that and more. She takes it out of my hands and into her own special arena.

        Mary you are fun, invigorating, humorous, and talented. You meet deadlines better than anyone I know, and you bring joy to people, not only through your work but through your person and your communication with all of us.

      1. egzariuf's Avatar
        egzariuf -
        Your work is mind blowing amazing. Congrats.

      1. allegra's Avatar
        allegra -
        Exquisite work! It's a pleasure experience to your creative visions, congratulations
      1. nightsong's Avatar
        nightsong -
        As my family will cheerfully attest, there are very few things in this world that can make this chatterbox at a complete loss for words. This is evidently one of them. I just sat here for the longest time, and didn't know what to say. I'm surprised, shocked, humbled, and so, completely, utterly thankful to everything RDNA is and what y'all have added to my life.

        Thank you guys, everyone I've had the privilege to work with (as an artist, challenge junkie, moderator, vendor, and member of the community) has been super, gracious, and kind. You've taught me -so much- about so many things. I don't know how on Earth I'm going to live up to something like this, there are so many wonderful artists here on RDNA, so many talented people that just blow me out of the water, and so much I have yet to learn. But, you know what? I'm going to spend every day trying.

        HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
      1. antaran's Avatar
        antaran -
        Mary, I love your work. Have been a fan for a very long time now. Hope to see more wonderful images in the new year. Best of luck and inspiration to you!
      1. batronyx's Avatar
        batronyx -
        Couldn't happen to a nicer girl! And you know what, "happen" might not be the right word. "Earned" seems more appropriate. I'm always astounded by the sheer quantity of high quality images you produce. You are a powerhouse and an inspiration. Congratulations!
      1. ladonna's Avatar
        ladonna -
        Mary, you deserve this title. Your work always just blow me away.
      1. gloomy007's Avatar
        gloomy007 -
        This is trully deserved. You should not worry about living up to this.. You already did
      1. tyllo's Avatar
        tyllo -
        I can see absolutely splendid imagination in your pics. They're beautiful - my big congrats to you!
      1. babajaga's Avatar
        babajaga -
        Congrats! Your work is always fantastic, so much good ideas, so much passion for detail in your pictures.
      1. AlfaseeD's Avatar
        AlfaseeD -
        Mary, you're a talented and brilliant artist, your work as you own mark in the composition, lighting, artistry and richness of details.
        Congrats on something you simply deserved !
      1. donnena's Avatar
        donnena -
        Wow!!! it really made my day to read all this appreciation, love and joy being heaped on Mary!! I don't know of anyone more deserving! Thank you, Mary, for sharing your self and your art with us!
      1. jan19's Avatar
        jan19 -
        Congratulations, Nightsong. Your renders are really fantastic.
      1. Damsel's Avatar
        Damsel -
        I am speechless Mary. I embrace detail, emotion as well as color and light. Your work is outstanding and never ceases to grab me and pull me in. And I have to admit I fall hard and fast into your beautiful world. Thank you for your generous sharing and I look forward to many more.
      1. dimitrielevit's Avatar
        dimitrielevit -
        Very nice to see the work by Nightsong,I like her vision and sweet style
        My own vison is more dark art, but I enjoy to see the light vision from others artists
        Great artists like Nightsong
        Congratulations Mary!
      1. kurtis's Avatar
        kurtis -
        What an impressive and awesome collection! Congratulations and bravo!!

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