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    • 2012 Holliday Cheer Gallery Giveaway Winners

      Thanks one and all for your participation in the Inaugural "Holiday Cheer" Christmas giveaway! DNA is proud to announce the two winners, as we could not decide which we liked better, and they both covered aspects of our own theme, "A Silent Night", and the wonderment of the Holiday Season.

      Congratulations to Dani3D and Mari-2000!

      We look forward to more themed Gallery Giveaways as 2013 heralds in a bunch of new holidays, looking forward to your wonderful creations as always!

      We will be moving all the images into a special "Holiday Season 2012" Gallery as well, to highlight all of our participants, and to give thanks for having such wonderful artists.

      There is Always One in the Neighborhood
      By Dani3D
      (Gallery Link)


      In The Thicket
      by Mari-2000
      (Gallery Link)

      Comments 9 Comments
      1. 76claudia2205's Avatar
        Congratulations to the both of you, really pretty images. You deserved it!!!

        Hugs Claudia
      1. mari-2000's Avatar
        Thank you so much
        Hugs Marion
      1. aqua1955's Avatar
        Congratulations to you! Great pictures for a wonderful season
      1. rompinruby's Avatar
        Congratulations! Very special artworks for sure!!
      1. dwindt's Avatar
      1. maruchina98's Avatar
        congratulation, very very nice.
      1. dani3d's Avatar
        Wow! Congratulations, Marion, and thank you, RDNA. Dani
      1. starlitemoon's Avatar
        Congrats, very beautiful pics, excellent work. Happy New Year
      1. mari-2000's Avatar
        Thank you Dani and Congratulations too! And many, many thanks to RDNA !
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