• A Slient Night 13 Days of Christmas 2012 - Day 13

      Welcome to Day Thirteen of this year's fantastic RDNA's A Silent Night 13 Days Christmas.

      Every day from now until December 24th, we will be putting up new freebies. You have 24 hours to grab up the freebie of the day - though we usually do catch up days every now and again. This year's theme is A Silent Night. Enjoy!

      Happy Holidays from everyone at Runtime DNA!

      Note: To Download Files, Click the Title Under the Images

      Little Drummer Boy Puzzles
      By Nightsong and Bea

      All of the Jigsaws in this package were created by Bea using Nightsong's stunning image created especially for this. The jigsaws were created with Jigs@w Puzzle Promo Creator Professional. They will only work on a PC and not a MAC. We hope you enjoy these jigsaws created using Aine's toy soldiers on sale at Runtimedna.

      Mary and Joseph Faces
      By Blackthorn

      Merry Christmas and happy holidays! This package features a Hebrew/Jewish morph for V4 and M4, suitable for representing Mary and Joseph or any other pair of people from the region.
      Comments 30 Comments
      1. seanmartin's Avatar
        seanmartin -
        The facial morphs are stunning. Many thanks!
      1. ngartplay's Avatar
        ngartplay -
        What a fun jigsaw puzzle and the face morphs are fantastic!
      1. infinity10's Avatar
        infinity10 -
        Peace On Earth. Thank you for the freebies.
      1. gingercakes47's Avatar
        gingercakes47 -
        Thank you very much.
      1. nightsong's Avatar
        nightsong -
        Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!
      1. terilt's Avatar
        terilt -
        Merry Christmas and many thanks to all of you!
      1. jodel's Avatar
        jodel -
        Oh very nice. Thank you so much!
      1. debb6425's Avatar
        debb6425 -
        Thank you AL so very much! Love RDNA's Christmas celebration
        Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas to all of you!
      1. debb6425's Avatar
        debb6425 -
        Thank you ALL so very much! Love RDNA's Christmas celebration
        Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas to all of you!
      1. syt's Avatar
        syt -
        Vielen herzlichen Dank
        Frohe Weihnachten und ein gesundes neues Jahr
      1. amigo968's Avatar
        amigo968 -
        Big thank you to all. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
      1. sheila_denise's Avatar
        sheila_denise -
        Thank you all very much for these wonderful gifts. Happy Holidays to all!
      1. lisadm's Avatar
        lisadm -
        Thank you!
      1. darkestrose's Avatar
        darkestrose -
        This was great! Thank you for so many wonderful gifts! Happy Holidays! Wishing one and all a safe and joyous New Year!
      1. smileywitchfaerie's Avatar
        smileywitchfaerie -
        Thank you so much for all the great gifts and for all that contributed to these fabulous gifts! Happy Holidays!
      1. adbc's Avatar
        adbc -
        Thank you for all the gifts.
        Happy Holidays to everyone !
      1. aquariante8's Avatar
        aquariante8 -
        Wow, this is sooooooooooo nice, thank you very much! Happy Holidays!
      1. ziamarina's Avatar
        ziamarina -
        Thank you ! Happy Holidays !!!
      1. wiske's Avatar
        wiske -
        Merry Christmas and many thanks to all of you!
      1. ladyjem's Avatar
        ladyjem -
        Thank you for all the gifts. Beautiful and useful as always. A Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

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