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    • The HOST - Part 1

      The following tale has been recovered from the vaulted files of Dr. H. Van Meter, DPM - WARNING - This horrific recount may not be suited for all audiences - only the seekers of the darker truths and mysteries need read these musty pages within. Thee have been warned!

      The Host
      Les Garner - Sixus1 Media -2010 - All Rights Reserved

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      1. batronyx's Avatar
        Quote Originally Posted by smoovie View Post
        I sure wish I knew where I could get that straight jacket
        Have you checked with the nearest asylum? I'm quite sure they'd be happy to accomodate you.
      1. theoldone's Avatar
        This story is really good. Sisters 3 by Torbin Darkthorn is better as a story, but the images in the host really give it the edge. I really enjoyed it.
      1. lilwolff's Avatar
        OK come on where is chapter two? Scare me .. scare me again.

        This time I bookmarked this page so I don't have to look all over the forum for the story link.
      1. cimaira's Avatar
        WOW! I love the first installment and am eagerly awaiting the next. Thank you so much for sharing this trip into your imagination. I was gripped from the first page to the last. So glad to know there is lots more to come I love a good horror story, especially a "mental" one, if you know what I mean, really tweaks the old brain cells. Yep, I'm twisted, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, lol.
        I have collected many of the "Host" items that are in the store here. Even though they are for Poser and I use DS, lol, I can make them work, lol and they are just the kind of things I love to use in my images.
        So I'll be checking in often for the next chapter/installment.
      1. sixus1's Avatar
        Hey folks... sorry for the HUGE delay in getting the second installment of this up for everyone. I was hit with the opportunity to act as the art lead on a new videogame project which totally sidetracked pretty much the rest of my life until a couple weeks ago. Rest assured, though, the world of "The Host" will be returning to you soon... -Les
      1. culach's Avatar
        that was fantastic...
      1. jammixx's Avatar
        Great writing that almost takes you there. I haven't read anything so suspenseful for quite a while. Looking forward to chapter 2.
      1. geist1's Avatar
        I been reading this off and on, but finally had the chance to sit down, restart at the beginning and read the whole thing through. Very cool. And I'm definitely looking forward to the next part. Hopefully it's still on the way.
      1. reactor9studios's Avatar
        You aught to consider joining up with me. I create some pretty dramatic and emotional tales too.

        Undercity and Ghost Runner are a few big story projects I have been working on. Check out some of the work I did on renderosity if you ever get the time. Then shoot me an email if you ever want to work together on something.
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