• A Slient Night 13 Days of Christmas 2012 - Day 6

      Welcome to Day Six of this year's fantastic RDNA's A Silent Night 13 Days Christmas.

      Every day from now until December 24th, we will be putting up new freebies. You have 24 hours to grab up the freebie of the day - though we usually do catch up days every now and again. This year's theme is A Silent Night. Enjoy!

      Happy Holidays from everyone at Runtime DNA!

      Note: To Download Files, Click the Title Under the Images

      Silent Night WindChimes
      By 3D-GHDesign

      Comments 32 Comments
      1. seanmartin's Avatar
        seanmartin -
        Nice, nice work! Thank you!!
      1. alisauhlisa's Avatar
        alisauhlisa -
        Lovely chimes - thanks so much!
      1. dollmommy's Avatar
        dollmommy -
        Thanks for the lovely gift!!
      1. missb's Avatar
        missb -
        Oh purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty.
      1. pokeydots's Avatar
        pokeydots -
        Thank you! And Merry Christmas
      1. ellie70's Avatar
        ellie70 -
        So pretty!!! Thank you
      1. jodel's Avatar
        jodel -
        Windchimes! How nice! Thank you, these will be good for much more than just Christmas!
      1. dukedrake's Avatar
        dukedrake -
        Thanks and Have a Merry Christmas !!!
      1. marion's Avatar
        marion -
        Many thanks!
      1. gloomy007's Avatar
        gloomy007 -
        Thank you
      1. ziamarina's Avatar
        ziamarina -
        Nice ! Merry Christmas and...THANKS !
      1. spit's Avatar
        spit -
        I can almost hear them! Thank you.
      1. jeanne_50's Avatar
        jeanne_50 -
        Ooohh, such beautiful chimes! Thank you very much and a Merry Christmas.

        Love, Jeanne
      1. erimmer's Avatar
        erimmer -
        Wonderful! Thank You!
      1. 3d-ghdesign's Avatar
        3d-ghdesign -
        Your welcome! And Merry Christmas!!!
      1. steventylerrocks's Avatar
        steventylerrocks -
        Thank you very much! Such pretty chimes!
      1. patriciaas's Avatar
        patriciaas -
        They look lovely and thank you very much.
      1. aquariante8's Avatar
        aquariante8 -
        Thank you! Merry Christmas to all of you!
      1. danata's Avatar
        danata -
        Very nice, and something you don't see often in 3D models! Thank you and Merry Christmas!
      1. maruchina98's Avatar
        maruchina98 -
        Thanks too

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