• A Slient Night 13 Days of Christmas 2012 - Day 2

      Welcome to Day Two of this year's fantastic RDNA's A Silent Night 13 Days Christmas.

      Every day from now until December 24th, we will be putting up new freebies. You have 24 hours to grab up the freebie of the day - though we usually do catch up days every now and again. This year's theme is A Slient Night. Enjoy!

      Happy Holidays from everyone at Runtime DNA!

      Today Christmas has come early for RDNA's My Michelle! Some darling little holiday slippers, and bell earrings! Enjoy!

      Note: To Download Files, Click the Title Under the Images

      My Michelle Merry Slippers
      By Amaranth

      Michelle My Belle
      By Tavia3D

      Comments 29 Comments
      1. laborettelatina's Avatar
        laborettelatina -
        thank you
      1. terilt's Avatar
        terilt -
        Thank you.
      1. alisauhlisa's Avatar
        alisauhlisa -
        Don't have Michelle but I may someday - thanks
      1. pokeydots's Avatar
        pokeydots -
        Don't have Michelle either, but someday perhaps Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!
      1. jodel's Avatar
        jodel -
        Nor do I. But the slippers are so nice I'm going to try to see if I can get them to fit Genesis. Thank you!
      1. danata's Avatar
        danata -
        Don't have Michelle right now, but I plan on it if I ever get money again. So, Thank You!
      1. bwaomega's Avatar
        bwaomega -
        As one of the ones who does have Michelle, thank you very much.
      1. alisauhlisa's Avatar
        alisauhlisa -
        Good point about fitting to others - wasn't thinking about that! Both the lovey shoes and jewelry should be very easy to fit to other characters, so we won't even have to wait
      1. missb's Avatar
        missb -
        Oh I agree. I may try that too, because they are real cute.
      1. ellie70's Avatar
        ellie70 -
        Thank you
      1. tate's Avatar
        tate -
        Awesome! Thank You!
      1. AfroditeOhki's Avatar
        AfroditeOhki -
        Michelle stuff <3 thank you very much!
      1. AfroditeOhki's Avatar
        AfroditeOhki -
        Michelle stuff <3 thank you very much!
      1. gingercakes47's Avatar
        gingercakes47 -
        Thank you very much!
      1. maruchina98's Avatar
        maruchina98 -
        Thank you
      1. dollmommy's Avatar
        dollmommy -
        Thankyou so much
      1. noorman's Avatar
        noorman -
        Thank you!
      1. aqua1955's Avatar
        aqua1955 -
        There is always beauty to find inside this 13 days... Thank you!
      1. smileywitchfaerie's Avatar
        smileywitchfaerie -
        Happy Holidays , thank you so much!
      1. starlitemoon's Avatar
        starlitemoon -
        Thank you so much and Merry Xmas

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