• RDNA's Holiday Cheer Gallery Giveaway

      RuntimeDNA would like to extend an extra wish of Thanks to you during the holiday Season with a no fuss, no rush, prizes event.

      From now until December 31st post a holiday image into our galleries. We will select one image each day as a winner and post it here in this article. If you see your image, make sure to check your email as there will be a $5.00 Gift Certificate for you for the day your image was selected.

      On December 31st, we'll pick one winner from those who have already won daily as a grand prize winner and they will be receiving a $50.00 Gift Certificate.

      What could be easier than that for a giveaway? So for all of you out there, stay tuned and renders at the ready as we present our No Fuss Holiday Giveaway.


      Mr and MrsC
      by Dani3D

      Lonely Visitor
      by Sqs
      (Gallery Link)

      by Leilana
      (Gallery Link)


      In The Thicket
      by Mari-2000
      (Gallery Link)



      Tom, Bert, & Bill Huggins
      by Margy
      (Gallery Link)

      A Merry Mermaid Christmas
      by Zawarkal
      (Gallery Link)


      Monster X-Mas
      by Andi3D
      (Gallery Link)


      There is Always One in the Neighborhood
      By Dani3D
      (Gallery Link)


      Cookies for Santa
      By Kendra
      (Gallery Link)


      Tree Party
      By Limpy
      (Gallery Link)


      Christmas Window
      By Nefertiabet
      (Gallery Link)


      He's Real
      By ArtistHeat
      (Gallery Link)


      By Sunfirexed
      (Gallery Link)


      Happy Holidays!
      By Moonfire
      (Gallery Link)


      Turf War
      By Bwsman
      (Gallery Link)


      Crazy Cookies
      By Moonfire
      (Gallery Link)

      Holy Night
      By Mari-2000
      (Gallery Link)

      Merry Christmas
      By Digital Graffiti
      (Gallery Link)

      Magical Snow
      By 76Claudia2205
      (Gallery Link)

      Come and hear the angels sing...
      freedom to the world
      By Aqua1955
      (Gallery Link)

      12/25/2012 - 12/26/2012

      Gifts of Enchantment
      By Ravyngyrl
      (Gallery Link)

      Merry Christmas
      By Zazou
      (Gallery Link)

      Merry Christmas 2012
      By Katibabi
      (Gallery Link)


      What Dreams May Come
      By Airen_holender
      (Gallery Link)


      Merry Christmas and Thank you
      By Rompinruby
      (Gallery Link)


      Holly Hobos
      By Dwindt
      (Gallery Link)


      The Old Year
      By Babajaga
      (Gallery Link)


      Happy New Year!!!
      By Raindrop
      (Gallery Link)

      Cybercandycane Angel
      By Rosied
      (Gallery Link)

      Comments 27 Comments
      1. sammydna's Avatar
        sammydna -
        Thanks a lot.
      1. redcar07's Avatar
        redcar07 -
        Sounds like fun, thank you.
      1. pokeydots's Avatar
        pokeydots -
        Beautiful images!
      1. rompinruby's Avatar
        rompinruby -
        What a sweet idea! Thank you!
      1. sissyb's Avatar
        sissyb -
        Lovely idea! hope you'll have all a wonderful Christmas time!
      1. margy's Avatar
        margy -
        Thank you very much!
      1. seanmartin's Avatar
        seanmartin -
        These are all so, so great!
      1. aqua1955's Avatar
        aqua1955 -
        Awsome work in beauty and vision
      1. meganimiri's Avatar
        meganimiri -
        Some great work
      1. zawarkal's Avatar
        zawarkal -
        Thank you! Tis the Season to be Merry.
      1. beachlegs's Avatar
        beachlegs -
        Stunning images from everyone, There is some real talent in this group
      1. dani3d's Avatar
        dani3d -
        Thank you so much!
      1. leilana's Avatar
        leilana -
        Many, many thanks!!!
      1. Damsel's Avatar
        Damsel -
        What a wonderful idea!! Merry Christmas to all RDNA-ites!
      1. Admin-Traveler's Avatar
        Admin-Traveler -
        New Images Added!
      1. Admin-Bea's Avatar
        Admin-Bea -
        I love all these images. Congratulations to everyone for such great Christmas images
      1. mari-2000's Avatar
        mari-2000 -
        Thank you so much , to all a peaceful time!
      1. nefertiabet's Avatar
        nefertiabet -
        Thank you so much. I wish you all a wonderful christmas time, hugs Nefertiabet
      1. moonfire's Avatar
        moonfire -
        Happy Holidays folks!
      1. bwsman's Avatar
        bwsman -
        Wow! Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas to all.

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