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  1. A Christmas Poem

    It's the Night before the night before Christmas, and all a round the town People are frantically running around.
    Caught in the madness of commercialized cheer, that seems to get longer and longer each passing year.

    Credit cards maxed out to their limits and budget's stretched tight, by shopping extravaganzas and specials each night.
    The sales and door-buster specials created with care, by marketing executives looking to increase profit shares.

    The must have ...
  2. Withdrawal

    As I have mentioned and some have seen, I am withdrawing from the community for the most part. This is do to a lot of reasons (health, real life issues, slowing workflow, aging computers, direction of various software, financial standing, other projects, frame of mind...).

    I am not leaving the community entirely, but I am not going to try to be active all that much. Some may have already noticed I do not post in forums as much as I used to, and as many have pointed out, my release ...
  3. Christmas has "bah-Humbug", Valentine's needs something

    It is officially my least favorite time of year, and there is a drive for content going on that, as a Vendor, I should try to be part of.

    Right now, because of a variety of issues, I find it difficult. I have a few ideas, and though I have been working on them as I can, they may not see the light of day. Part of me thinks that's a good thing... Part of me wonders why I bother... Between the problems holding together my project and 3D work on the limited income I have, the rising ...
  4. Rendering just-the-characters in Poser

    I'm a new Poser user who just needs to populate scenes created in 3DSmax with background characters. The main characters are cut out of photos processed in photoshop and are high resolution.

    I have tried zooming in the camera and using area render, thi
  5. models stepping through the floor

    when I add a new BVH file the model steps through the floor sometimes. it never did this with poser 10 but since I upgraded to poser pro it does this. what is the problem?
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