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  1. Rendering just-the-characters in Poser

    I'm a new Poser user who just needs to populate scenes created in 3DSmax with background characters. The main characters are cut out of photos processed in photoshop and are high resolution.

    I have tried zooming in the camera and using area render, this doesn't cut it, the rendered PNG files are 826x824! They look kind of crappy and I still have to cut them out of the backdrop with photoshop.

    What I would like to do is just render the characters themselves, with ...
  2. models stepping through the floor

    when I add a new BVH file the model steps through the floor sometimes. it never did this with poser 10 but since I upgraded to poser pro it does this. what is the problem?
  3. Courage in Many forms

    Going through my scribbles again! I love twist in stories, and absolutely anything 'what if'. So I opened this one up from it's resting place and let it see some air!

    Angel was so disappointed, she had dared to allow Aria know who she fancied. Oh it was an accident, but still she had done it. That was that, Aria was already all over the new tenant in the building. A six pack as a welcome to the building gift, and offering to aid in any way while he was getting settled. ...
  4. Did I miss the bit where everyone figured out how to use Genesis?

    Quote Originally Posted by wildcard_84 View Post
    Is there any news on that topic. Because the switching on and off can only be considered as a workaround. Genesis 2 seems finally to work quite nicely in Poser so I would like to go on without having to subD her all the time. I made a tut picture for remembering what to do. But still ...
  5. "Red Elf has eaten poison"

    Blue artist needs money badly.

    Ok... not a gauntlet line...

    Though, currently in deepening financial crisis. Really need an influx of finances or donations, or custom commissions to help me in acquiring much needed tools and software updates. I know my artwork isn't horrible, it just seems what I do is not in demand much, which makes it harder and harder to find the motivation to do anything - especially when the tools I need are either unaffordable, or the ones I have ...
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