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  1. Christmas has "bah-Humbug", Valentine's needs something

    It is officially my least favorite time of year, and there is a drive for content going on that, as a Vendor, I should try to be part of.

    Right now, because of a variety of issues, I find it difficult. I have a few ideas, and though I have been working on them as I can, they may not see the light of day. Part of me thinks that's a good thing... Part of me wonders why I bother... Between the problems holding together my project and 3D work on the limited income I have, the rising ...
  2. Rendering just-the-characters in Poser

    I'm a new Poser user who just needs to populate scenes created in 3DSmax with background characters. The main characters are cut out of photos processed in photoshop and are high resolution.

    I have tried zooming in the camera and using area render, thi
  3. models stepping through the floor

    when I add a new BVH file the model steps through the floor sometimes. it never did this with poser 10 but since I upgraded to poser pro it does this. what is the problem?
  4. Courage in Many forms

    Going through my scribbles again! I love twist in stories, and absolutely anything 'what if'. So I opened this one up from it's resting place and let it see some air!

    Angel was so disappointed, she had dared to allow Aria kno
  5. Did I miss the bit where everyone figured out how to use Genesis?

    [QUOTE=wildcard_84;822737]Is there any news on that topic. Because the switching on and off can only be considered as a workaround. Genesis 2 seems finally to work quite nicely in Poser so I would like to go on without having to subD her all the time. I m
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