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  1. Life's Experiences

    The little Darcassian had watch it often enough from a not so distant corner over looking Le Passage. A being dressed in a long flowing uniform, which looked quite unfit for performing any type of work. Stand and wait for a second being to
  2. Happy All Hallow's Eve

    Some call this the wicked time of year,
    Scare and chills for each and all ears
    I say not, and hear me out.
    This is what this here is about.
    A celebration with joy so cast out all doubt.

    This time of year celebrated from old,
    Religions came about so bol
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  3. Cycle of Life

    Some time ago I uploaded an image but worried a bit postin
    Bemused Muse , Musings
  4. Secondhand Do's -- A Christmas Story

    In tatters sat a rather common man,
    Life had dealt him a hard cold hand.
    Gone was his life, of family and wealth,
    Gone was his job, and most of his health.

    He ask of no one to give him a hand,
    Instead he felt he had a good plan.
    He gathered items found
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    Bemused Muse , Musings
  5. A Halloween Tale -- Hank's Story

    Hank's Story

    Heed thee, and listen well;
    While I tell this Scare Before tale.
    Come along if you dare,
    Down this spooky dark sided trail.

    [CENTER]Once a year comes the visit,
    Of past living loving spirits.
    After dusk,
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