Bemused Muse

Amusing look at the world of the Muse

  1. Snow Storms

    [CENTER]"Lightly, so lightly the breeze does blow,
    Driving softly flakes a plenty to and fro".
    This is the snow storms we all like best,
    Rather the blizzards which throw us the test.


    Beasts these are with gale force winds,
    Slicing and bitin
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    Bemused Muse
  2. Life's Experiences

    The little Darcassian had watch it often enough from a not so distant corner over looking Le Passage. A being dressed in a long flowing uniform, which looked quite unfit for performing any type of work. Stand and wait for a second being to
  3. Happy All Hallow's Eve

    Some call this the wicked time of year,
    Scare and chills for each and all ears
    I say not, and hear me out.
    This is what this here is about.
    A celebration with joy so cast out all doubt.

    This time of year celebrated from old,
    Religions came about so bol
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  4. Cycle of Life

    Some time ago I uploaded an image but worried a bit postin
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  5. Secondhand Do's -- A Christmas Story

    In tatters sat a rather common man,
    Life had dealt him a hard cold hand.
    Gone was his life, of family and wealth,
    Gone was his job, and most of his health.

    He ask of no one to give him a hand,
    Instead he felt he had a good plan.
    He gathered items found
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    Bemused Muse , Musings
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