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Dream 9 Studios Blog: The Art of Lizzie P.

Random musings from Lizzie P. of Dream 9 Studios. For the regular blog, see

  1. And so it begins...

    I actually started last week but... I've started working on my Journeys of Shelby Bly graphic novel. I'm currently on Page 8 of 9 for Chapter 1. If I stay up tonight, I might be able to finish it by morning. I can sleep when I'm dead! I can't help it, I get so pumped up seeing my writings come to life! I'm so into it that while I wait for the scenes to render, I work on the scripts and layouts for future chapters. I'm thinking there will be eight or nine chapters in all but each chapter is about ...
  2. I wanna be a paperback writer... Part 2

    As requested, here's some of my character concept art.

    First from Journeys of Shelby Bly, here are Shelby and Jace:

    Here's some from Into the Unknown. This is Alexis, Stella, and Neema.

  3. I wanna be a paperback writer...

    Or I should say "graphic novelist" but that's not how the tune goes.

    In between commercial projects, and because I have no social life, I'm working on two graphic novels with another on the back-burner. One will be my first attempt at an original science fiction story and the other is my first serious attempt at an adventure/action/mystery/you-name-it-I've-got-it type story. I'm still in the midst of writing the sci-fi graphic novel but I've got the story for the second ...
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