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The "General Category" of Blog Postings... Let your Muse Wander and take control.

  1. I Miss you Mom - Thanksgiving 2012

    I miss you, miss you so bad
    I don't forget you, oh it's so sad
    I hope you can hear me
    I remember it clearly

    The day you slipped away
    Was the day I found it won't be the same

    I didn't get around to kiss you
    Goodbye on the hand
    I wish that I could see you again
    I know that I can't

    I hope you can hear me cause I remember it clearly

    The day you slipped away
    Was the day I found it won't ...
    Musings , Deep Thoughts
  2. On Becoming

    Yesterday, in a haze of 5000 people I accomplished the unthinkable. I found anonymity and at the very same time, I found self.

    On March 3, 2012, in the freezing cold, I stood at the starting line of my very first 8K run. There were so, so many people that when the starting gun went off, it took five minutes until the group I was standing with actually began to move.

    In minutes I lost my running partner, she got carried up the hill by the crowd. I could ...
  3. Second Day: The Hard Way

    Here we are at the precipice of another day.

    It was cloudy here. The wind woke me early. It slammed my bedroom door shut with such force. I greeted the brand new day by jumping out of bed screaming.

    The slammed door is the metaphor.

    In fifty years you gather knowledge. If you listen and watch long enough, if you participate in the truest circle of very deep human relationships, give birth, live and love, you do begin to learn things.

    Musings , Deep Thoughts
  4. On Leaving

    Here's the day you hoped would never come
    Don't feed me violins
    just run with me through rows of speeding cars.
    The papercuts the cheating lovers
    The coffee's never strong enough
    i know you think it's more than just bad luck

    There there baby
    it's just text book stuff
    it's in the ABC of growing up
    Now, now darling
    oh don't lose your head
    cause none of us were angels
    and you know I love you yeah ...
    Musings , Deep Thoughts
  5. A Stitch In Time

    A Stitch in Time

    The Yew tree grows old,
    and sparrows fly. I have nothing
    left to feed them.
    Silence ruins an appetite
    for wedded destruction.

    Pried apart by useless strains
    of violating echoes, I mad dog leap
    at the chance to
    strip off my marriage dress,
    tearing at the buttons, chewing apart
    the seams sewn by infinite silver needles
    tattooing lines in my life.

    The coats ...
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