The Inner Thoughts of a Madman

I am not sure what I am going to write about here, but when I get around to it - it will either be funny or technical or maybe even technically funny...

  1. Health Industry in the US

    To call it a Health Industry is a joke really - it's nothing but a money grubbing bunch of pigs at the frickin trough gobbling up all of the dollars that they can before us saps get the idea that they are stealing from us blind...

    Yes I have had enough of the MGB (Money Grubbing Bastards)

    Some things in my personal life recently have made me very very aware of how dysfunctional the whole industry is. From the hospitals, to the insurance agency's (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED!), ...
  2. My Horrible Tale

    Let me preface this with "Parts of this story are horrible, parts are rather non-PC" BUT... what the heck. I have a story to tell and I need to tell it.


    I was on my way into the house from the office (Separate building on the property) and I noticed a skinny grey cat sitting by some of the flower pots, now normally I shoo neighborhood cats off the property because we have our own cat. So I started my shooing, and the cat just sat there... then I noticed that it was ...
  3. Hey Kids! We have Custom Blog Styles!

    I just happened across this myself, but barring a few VB4 Bugs, we can style up our blogs to some degree! I added a new BG Color, and a Title image to mine. Very nifty stuff, even if VB has to gotten around to fixing all of the issues with it, it still works pretty nifty.

    I will post some walkies on this soon, but I just kinda wanted to show off a little more of the system to you Bloggers and Bloggies.

    Over and out from the Flyp Syde.
  4. The Dangers of Gardening

    Let me tell you a tale...

    You may not know this about me, but I have a HUGE garden and try to get out in it once a week or so for a little recreational plant decimation and transforming. This week was no different. I am thinking... Sunday... finally a little cooler... Weed the rock garden.

    So I was weeding away, I got some new hens and chicks planted, got my new lewisas in, some cool grasses, and then I notice that my eye is watering and burning. Then my face... then I ...
  5. A Day of Rememberance

    July the 2nd, 1979 - The Day the Funk Died.
    All hail the funk.

    (Video has some A-dult language - but is DAMN Funny)

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