1. The FInal Laugh

    A friend of mine posted a challenge of sort.. to write something.. if you will on this:

    Scenario #1

    A man and a woman in a shadowy corner of a mexican restaurant. The
    woman is crying and he rests his hand on hers.

    This is my take (after a very bad day and a few beverages of the alcoholic
    kind) For you Machel.. a poem

    In a Mexican restaurant
    In the soft candle glow
    He held my hand,
    And I let him ...
  2. Easier said then Done

    Don't you just love those people that you encounter during your life that feel the need to give you unsolicited (and almost always stupid) advice? You know the ones I mean.. like the person behind you in line at the grocery store, who sees you have Dandruff shampoo (or PMS medication, or foot fungus cream.. ect) in your cart and leans over and starts this conversation...

    " You know when I had dandruff I slathered my head with mayonaise and wrapped plastic wrap around my hair and ...
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    Deep Thoughts
  3. My First RDNA Blog

    Dont ya hate it when you get all excited about a blog only to find after having invested your time to read it that the blog was boring and about literally nothing? Well guess what thats what this blog post is about.. nothing.. I dont think I have ever really blogged before nor do I feel I have anything exceptionally witty or even slightly important to say.. my life is either sooo boring that I have nothing to write about or so full of chaos that I have no time to write about it...


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