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  1. Testing, Testing, and Soda Woes!!

    Hey, hey! Just testing to see if this sends a notification to folks on my Friends list!

    On a random note, do you know that if you're stuck in a house with absolutely no sugar in it and the only thing to drink is Sprite Zero, if you can manage to find so
  2. My computer is like a cat...

    [SIZE=1]My computer has a temperament like a spoiled Siamese. It likes to be hot, occasionally makes blood-curdling noises, protests if you don't give it the right attention, and regularly produces hairballs.

    But then that Siamese curls up in your
  3. Change LinkedIn Passwords Today!

    Heads Up:
    If you, like millions of others, have a LinkedIn account: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD TODAY!!

    Both Yahoo! news and articles on the LinkedIn front page have posted warnings that millions of passwords have been leaked and that, if you have an account,
  4. Puzzles, and Pictures, and Games, Oh My!

    One could say that I've been more than a bit absent, lately, and they'd be completely right. Where normally I'm not the most talkative sort in the world, school has been absorbing enough of my time lately to turn me into nearly an absolute recluse. Luck

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