1. DVD/Blu-Ray Commentary... Stop watching the movie!

    I've been doing this thing lately where I watch all my old horror movies and if they have an audio commentary track, I play the movie again with that going (really I'm usually working so I *listen* to them more than watch them).

    What bothers me is when the speakers have a LONG pause, like they are just watching the movie. I mean, of course you have to be commenting on what is going on, but sometimes it's just SO obvious (to me) that they are just watching the movie... and that's my ...
  2. Streamlined Parameters Panel for P8/Pro2010


    A PDF of this tutorial can be downloaded HERE (right-click, save as).

    This is a hack or modification to the Poser UI to give a more streamlined Parameters Panel and save you some real estate so that you can see more dials at one time. This is for Poser 8 and Poser Pro 2010 only.

    Think of this as a "flat" style. You "turn dials" by clicking and dragging across the dial name. ...

    Updated 08-07-2010 at 01:18 PM by netherworks (Added "printer friendly" PDF Version)

    Tutorials and Learning
  3. Dancing with the Python

    Just a little blog entry about Python scripting. I hope you didn't come here looking for snakes or for pictures of me dancing with them

    I have been making a lot of scripts lately, as in the last several months. Some are old things that I tried to do months or years ago and at the time just didn't have the technical know-how to accomplish.

    It's funny how the mind works, or let me say more specifically... how MY mind words. Sometimes it just takes a while for things ...
    Musings , Technicity

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