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  1. Morphs

    I really enjoy making movement morphs, and when fit morohs go well I like making them too. But right now they are driving me crazy! Working on a new outfit. Wanted to have it in testing by today, but now it looks like it will be lucky to go by the end of
  2. In Memory

    I was born June 1st.
    I died August 5th.
    I was only 36 years old.
  3. Slow, slow, and slower...

    I seriously think that creating promos is the most time consuming part of product creation for me.

    I take so long to pick the perfect lighting, and hair, and clothes, and character, and pose...

    Then of course my computer slows down just to irritate m

    Updated 07-23-2010 at 03:08 PM by LunaFaye

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  4. It feels good

    A couple of things feel good today.

    It feels good to be on more medication for my half gone thyroid. I was finally, finally able to convince my Dr to increase my dose to 125mcg of synthroid. I almost feel like a real person today, rather than a zombie.

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