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  1. "Red Elf has eaten poison"

    Blue artist needs money badly.

    Ok... not a gauntlet line...

    Though, currently in deepening financial crisis. Really need an influx of finances or donations, or custom commissions to help me in acquiring much needed tools and software updates. I know my artwork isn't horrible, it just seems what I do is not in demand much, which makes it harder and harder to find the motivation to do anything - especially when the tools I need are either unaffordable, or the ones I have ...
  2. -Hiatus-

    May be unavailable for prolonged period.

    Those working with me on things, I apologize.

    Depression has me again, and I am useless now as it stands because of it.
  3. My Christmas Poem

    I sit in the dark and wonder why
    my dreams and hopes have grown stagnant
    All I ever hoped to achieve has died
    and now lays rotting in the sediment.

    Beyond the world your eyes can see
    lie such dark pains and tortures
    they twirl and dance and parade about me
    Barring my view of any desirable future.

    Around me so many share such joy
    with warm feeling and loving thoughts
    happiness spread to every girl and boy
    as the woes ...
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  4. Think I have almost decided...

    Just going to retire from life. It wears on me now.

    Goodbye and goodluck.
  5. So very tired...

    Not in the physical sense.
    Depression has me again. Likely will not be finishing much of what I was working on anytime soon. Tired of this world and life, wish I could find a reset button.

    May or may not be around much for a while. Not sure anyone will notice or that I'd even be missed.

    Don't know why I'm posting...

    So much left undone and no means to finish half of it.
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